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LOLITA RITMANIS Film Composer Interview — Award-Winning Composer Champions Gender Parity

Lolita Ritmanis is an award winning film and television composer known for storytelling abilities ranging from emphasizing the animated heroics on the small screen in her Daytime Emmy Award winning work on Batman Beyond to her award-winning score for the grand war time epic, Blizzard of Souls. Ritmanis’ success is especially impressive within the context of her position as a celebrated and prominent female composer in an industry vastly dominated by men. Ritmanis notes, “simply being who I am is somewhat political.” Picture This Post (PTP) talks to Lolita Ritmanis (LR) about her position as a female film composer, her work to champion women in her industry and her most recent creative endeavors in the films Blizzard of Souls and Wild DaZe.


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