The Upcoming (UK): Blizzard of Souls (aka The Rifleman) Review

Adapted from by Aleksandrs Grins’s book The Rifleman: Blizzard of Souls, The Rifleman follows the story of 17-year-old Arturs (Oto Brantevics), a farm boy who finds his life turned inside out at the dawn of the first world war. Witnessing his mother murdered before his eyes, Arturs enlists in the Latvian Rifleman Battalion along with his older brother Edgars (Raimonds Celms) and father (Martins Vilsons), a former Commander and marksman with 15 years’ prior military service. Together, the family pass through the relative comfort and enjoyment of training and are thrust into the testing perils of war. Through frozen terrains and mud-caked trenches, Arturs must learn the art of camaraderie whil

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