Women Film Composers Fight for an Even Score

Diversity in Hollywood is a big topic these days. But consider the plight of the female composer: Over the past three years, only 1% to 2% of composers working on the top 250 films at the box office were women. Those numbers, according to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, are worse than those for any other below-the-line craft. In 2014, women supervising sound editors were at 5%, cinematographers at 5%, and directors at 7%. Martha Lauzen, who compiles these statistics at San Diego State University, calls the numbers “shockingly low.” She suspects that “the same mechanisms that suppress the numbers of women directors and cinematographers, such as gender stereotypes and

'The Women Who Score' Concert Draws Big Crowds, Big Name Composers to L.A

“Women composers are no longer invisible, they are no longer silent.” With those words, KUSC executive producer Gail Eichenthal helped kick off “The Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live,” Friday (Aug. 19) night’s concert featuring the music of more than 20 female composers as part of Downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Performances series. The evening highlighted music written by women from film, television, video games and interactive media, including pieces by Diane Warren, Rachel Portman, Starr Parodi, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, and Laura Karpman, performed by a 55-piece orchestra and 30-person choir. Presented by Alliance for Women Film Composers, in association with The Film Music Society an

Evening the Score - Alliance seeks a higher profile for women composers.

A recent study revealed that women composers score only 2 percent of the 250 top-grossing box-office films. While a similar study hasn’t been commissioned for television, the consensus is that the numbers are equally low. The Alliance for Women Film Composers is on a mission to change that. Since its inception two years ago, AWFC has been helping women land scoring gigs while it campaigns for recognition of their work. The alliance maintains a database of the professional accomplishments of its members and seeks to connect them with directors. It also works to get their music performed at local concerts and to place women alongside their male counterparts on industry panels. The behind-the-s

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