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    •        Blizzard of Souls (Kultfilma, LV)


    •        Women Warriors: The Voices of Change (Higher Purpose Productions)

    •        Justice League VS The Fatal Five (Warner Bros.)

    •        Christmas in Rome (Hallmark)


    •        Batman: The Killing Joke (Warner Bros.) - starring: Mark Hamill 


    •         Batman vs Two-Face  (Warner Bros.) -starring Adam West and William Shatner


    •         Wild DaZe (Documentary)


    •         Batman & Harley Quinn  (Warner Bros.) 


    •         Give Til It Hurts


    •         Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (ANNIE AWARD NOMINATION 2017)


    •         An Act Of Love (Documentary)


    •         Scooby-Doo! And The Mask Of The Blue Falcon


    •         Justice League: Starcrossed (Warner Bros.) 


    •         Broke Sky (Independent Feature Film)


    •         Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo (Warner Bros.)


    •         Mystery Of The Batwoman (Warner Bros.)


    •         Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight


    •         Superman: Last Son of Krypton (EMMY AWARD NOMINATION 2001)







    •        Young Justice (Warner Bros.)


    •         Flip The Script (Women In Film)


    •        Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (Marvel)


    •        Marvel Rising (Marvel)


    •        Marvel’s Black Panther 's Quest (Marvel)


    •         Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters (Hasbro Studios/The Hub)


    •         Batman: The Brave And The Bold (Warner Bros.)


    •         Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (Cartoon Network)


    •         Tower Prep (Cartoon Network)


    •         Ben 10: Alien Force (Cartoon Network)


    •         Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony)


    •         Legion of Super Heroes (Warner Bros.) (EMMY AWARD NOMINATION)


    •         Teen Titans (Warner Bros.) (ANNIE AWARD NOMINATION)


    •         Justice League Unlimited (Warner Bros.)


    •         Justice League (Warner Bros.)  (PRIMETIME EMMY AWARD NOMINATION)


    •         Batman Beyond (Warner Bros.)  (EMMY AWARD WINNER)


    •         The New Batman/Superman Adventures (Warner Bros.)


    •         Superman: The Animated Series (Warner Bros.) (EMMY AWARD NOMINATION)


    •         Batman: The Animated Series (Warner Bros.)


    •         The Zeta Project (Warner Bros.)  (EMMMY & ANNIE AWARD NOMINATIONS )


    •         The West Wing (NBC—Additional Music)


    •         Space: Above and Beyond (Fox—Additional Music)




Orchestration Credits



    •        X-Files: The Movie (20th Century Fox)


    •         Jeepers Creepers 2 (MGM/United Artists)


    •         Turbulence (MGM)


    •         Final Destination (New Line Cinema)


    •         Peaceful Warrior (Lionsgate)


    •         Swimfan (20th Century Fox)


    •         Escape From L.A. (Paramount Pictures)


    •         Batman & Robin (Warner Bros.)


    •         Batman Forever (Warner Bros.)


    •         The Three Musketeers (Walt Disney Co.)


    •         Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Warner Bros.)


    •         Lethal Weapon 4 (Warner Bros.)


    •         Lethal Weapon 3 (Warner Bros.)


    •         Demolition Man (Warner Bros.)


    •         Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (Warner Bros.)


    •         1996 Atlanta Centennial Summer Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies


    •         Die Hard With A Vengeance (20th Century Fox)







    •        Blizzard of Souls - Dvēseļu Putenis  (LaLa Land Records / MicRec Records)


    •        Justice league Vs The Fatal Five (Dynamic Soundtrack  Records)

    •         Batman VS Two-Face (Watertower Records)


    •         Eslingena Original Cast Recording (MarLo Muzika)        


    •         Broke Sky Soundtrack (LaLa Land Records)


    •         Batman & Harley Quinn (Watertower Records)


    •        Mystery of the Batwoman (LaLaLand Records)


    •         Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (LaLaLand Records)


    •         An Act Of Love (DMP Records)


    •         Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Mayhem of the Music Meister


    •         Young Justice (LaLaLand Records)


    •         Batman: The Animated Series vol. 1 (LaLa Land Records)


    •         Batman: The Animated Series vol. 2 (LaLa Land Records)


    •         Batman: The Animated Series vol. 3  (LaLa Land Records) (IFMCA NOMINATED)


    •        Justice League (LaLaLand Records)


    •         Superman: The Animated Series (LaLa Land Records)


    •       Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo Soundtrack (LaLa Land Records)


    •         Batman Beyond Series Soundtrack (Kid Rhino Records)

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