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Groundbreaking Women Warriors: The Voices of Change Concert Soundtrack to be Recorded in Riga

Groundbreaking Women Warriors: The Voices of Change Concert Soundtrack to be Recorded in Riga

Conductor and producer Amy Andersson and composer Lolita Ritmanis team up with local orchestras

February X, 2020, Riga, Latvia - World renowned conductor Amy Andersson and composer Lolita Ritmanis land in Riga five months after the triumphant debut of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change to record the soundtrack for global distribution. Presented by Andersson’s Orchestra Moderne NYC on September 20, 2019 to a sold out audience in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, the premiere showcased an original 12-chapter documentary covering 800 years of feminist history and the development of women's civil and human rights in 80 minutes. While concertgoers watched the powerful footage, they listened to a live symphony performance with music written by a team of 10 composers and singer songwriters, including American-Latvian Lolita Ritmanis. The Latvian TIARA Girls’ Choir was featured in the finale, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky,” during which they sang “We Rise,” by Andersson and Ritmanis, as a final call to arms. Media and attendees bestowed Women Warriors high acclaim for its unique experience, unprecedented collaboration, social impact and ability to inspire hope and courage.

During the week of February 24, Amy and Lolita, along with Los Angeles-based engineer Mark Mattson and Latvia-based engineer Varis Kurmiņš, will record all 19 scores of the entire soundtrack at Latvia Radio 1 Studio. This is the same studio where Lolita recorded the music featured in the hugely successful historical WWI drama Blizzard of Souls (Dvēseļu putenis), which premiered in Latvia last fall. The film broke the country’s national attendance record as 207,892 people watched the film in five weeks. For the Women Warriors: The Voices of Change recording, orchestra musicians will be a handpicked roster of the best musicians from various local symphonies, contracted by Edgars Saksons. The soundtrack will be available worldwide for distribution online and via CD. In addition, it will be paired with the upcoming Women Warriors documentary, which will be sent to film festivals and used in promotional materials for special projects with orchestras and universities.

Amy Andersson, conductor and producer, Women Warriors: The Voices of Change said, “It is thrilling to work with Lolita recording this monumental project in Riga. Having worked together in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, she and I will now be partnering again with top tier classical musicians in Latvia to record the inspiring music from the Women Warriors soundtrack.”

Lolita Ritmanis, composer, said, “It is an honor to work with Amy on this historic project. Being part of the monumental premiere in NYC was a breathtaking experience, and now we get to bring that experience to people worldwide. I look forward to recording the music with some of the most brilliant performers in Latvia.”

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