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Berlinale 2020: Latvian Film in Berlin

Use the unique chance to catch the No 1 Latvian box office in the last 30 years – Blizzard Of Souls (2019) by the young director Dzintars Dreibergs. The feature is based on Aleksandrs Grins’ novel of the same title, script was adapted by Boris Frumin, the associate professor of NYU TISCH. What starts as a naive love story of sixteen-year-old Arturs, gets suddenly interrupted by the outbreak of WWI and turns into epic fight for freedom. Score was composed by the ten-time Emmy Award-nominee Lolita Ritmanis. The feature was produced by the director himself, Inga Praņevska and the co-producer Ilona Bičevska (Riga-based company Kultfilma). Screenings: - February 20th, 16:15 at CinemaxX 13 - February 24th, 14:35 at CinemaxX 11

Blizzard of Souls (photo Sanita Sparane)

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