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Alliance for Women Film Composers Head Leads By Example

Her landmark concert work “Ask Your Mama,” based on poetry by Harlem Renaissance figure Langston Hughes, is just out on CD. Her multimedia piece “Siren Songs,” a symphonic tone poem about the relationship between women and the oceans, was unveiled last month by the Pacific Symphony.

She is just starting work on “Underground,” WGN’s new series about the Underground Railroad starring Christopher Meloni, and on a children’s opera based on Oscar Wilde stories for New York’s prestigious Glimmerglass Festival for next year.

And she’s founder and president of the Alliance of Women Film Composers, which is helping to promote her fellow female composers by calling widespread attention to their work in films, TV and video games.

“I live a beautiful life of daily musicmaking,” she says in her compact, efficient studio just steps from the beach. “It is not genre-specific. Today it’s working on a choral piece for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, plus finishing up some jazz cues for (PBS’) ‘Craft in America.’ Then doing another documentary for the Jewish Film Festival and a theater piece with a fabulous Chinese artist named Sa Dingding.”

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