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Golden State Pops Orchestra presents Superhero Soundtracks

Some of the best composers in the world like Hans Zimmer, John Williams and James Horner have crafted musical masterpieces for many of the superhero movies we enjoy today. On Saturday April 18th, I was fortunate enough to witness/listen to a phenomenal musical event that involved some of those pieces. The Golden State Pops Orchestra put on a spectacle called Superhero Soundtracks; it’s exactly what you think it is, and it was amazing!

The set list alone is something to salivate over (in the order they were performed):

  • Superman March main theme – John Williams

  • Heroes, Heroines and Music Meisters Justice League main theme, Mystery of the Batwoman main title, Batman: The Brave and the Bold “Mayhem of the Music Meister” “Drive Us Bats/If Only” – Lolita Ritmanis (also guest conductor)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man “The Promise” “End Credits” – James Horner

  • The Last Starfighter Overture – Craig Safan (also guest conductor)

  • Batman Begins “Corynorhinus” – Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past “End Titles” – John Ottman (Jason Livesay guest conductor)

  • Iron Man Medley “Marvel Mania Pt 1& 2” “I Am Iron Man” Iron Man 2 end credits – John Debney

  • Captain America – End Credits “Captain’s March” – Alan Silvestri

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Overture – Bear McReary

  • Agent Carter Suite – Christopher Lennertz (also guest conductor, Ayana Haviv guest Soprano)

  • Thor – Patrick Doyle

  • Incredible Hulk “Lonely Man Theme” – Joe Harnell

  • Batman Suite “Batman Theme” “Flowers” “Love Theme” “Joker’s Poem” “Up the Cathedral” “Waltz to the Death” “Final Confrontation” “Finale” – Danny Elfman

  • Encore Performance: The Avengers Main Theme – Adam Silvestri

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